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About Grace Church Wolverhampton

Who Are We?

We are a Christian Church working in partnership with the Catalyst group of Newfrontiers churches, as well as sharing together with the Wolverhampton NET association of churches.

We believe that the good news of knowing God personally through faith in Jesus Christ is a message that is as important today as any other.

Anthony and Gill Henson and Mark and Sally Lloyd lead the team who serve Grace Church Wolverhampton. Find out more about our leadership team here:

Grace Church has been established as a church since March 2013.

A Short Video about Grace Church Wolverhampton

Our Values

We have certain values and characteristics which shape what we do and how we do it.

These are:

  • To love God and to love one another.

  • To receive, live and to minister the unmerited and abundant mercy and grace of God.

  • To be founded and formed by the Word of God.

  • To be filled and led by the Holy Spirit in life and ministry.

  • To correctly value the whole body of Christ and to welcome the different ministries within it, including the "Ephesians 4" ministries.

  • To pursue the presence of Christ in our gatherings and in our lives.

  • To be friendly, informal, work as a team and be humble in all we do.

  • To give away what we receive in humble service to one another.

  • To multiply midweek groups and new church plants.

Our beliefs at Grace Church Wolverhampton

Our Belief

Knowing Jesus is the greatest thing ever, it will change your life — guaranteed. This is how it goes...

We believe that God created the universe and everything within it. God created me to live with Him and talk to Him, and generally enjoy life together - not just for 80 or so years, but forever! However, humans can't resist temptation, and end up disobeying God. This can be a simple white lie, envy or even lusting after that last piece of chocolate cake! This disobedience resulted in us being separate from God.

Now, no matter how hard we try, we simply cannot bridge that gap between us and God. We can go to church, sing hymns really loudly, help thousands of elderly people across the road, but still we would be no nearer to God.

God hates being separated from us — He loves us too much. He knew only one way to bring us close to Him so we could have a proper relationship with Him — father to son.

So He sent His only son, Jesus, to earth as a human. Except there was one difference: Jesus was the only perfect man ever to walk the earth. He never sinned! Never made a mistake, never felt envious, never took more than His fair share of cake! But He sacrificed himself to pay the penalty for all of our mistakes — both past and future. This enables Jesus to bridge the gap between us and God.

And how do we get that bridge? Simply by admitting that we're not perfect, believing in Jesus — his life, death and resurrection; and asking for his forgiveness.

Our vision at Grace Church Wolverhampton

Our Vision

Our vision is to see God at work amongst us. Looking to God to lead us we have an aim to plant a church in Wolverhampton which one day will plant out again into a different borough of the Black Country.

We also want to be a church which builds in good foundations and practices, as well as be a church which reaches out with the gospel through outreach events and by caring for those around us with tangible demonstrations of God’s love.

Three weeks out of four we host midweek groups in different areas (see the section on Midweek Area Groups).

We have also run the well known Alpha Course on a regular basis and are aiming to run our next one in early 2016. Our vision is also to be a church for people of all ages and backgrounds, including youth and children.

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