Connect Communities

Our "Connect Communities" are a vital part of life in Grace Church. Where our Sunday meetings give us the chance to gather together in one place, "Connect Communities" are chances to build community, grow in your faith and reach out in a number of areas around our cities. Each community is unique and has its own feel, context and ways of expressing God’s Grace but they all share some key things in common.


Connect Communities look to express the Grace of God in all they do. Our “come as you are” culture means people are encouraged to develop real, genuine and ongoing relationships of care and love.


Connect Communities are places where everyone can grow in their knowledge of God and the maturity of their faith in Jesus.


Connect Communities live up to their name, they are a place where warmth and welcome are a priority. We want people to feel they belong and are valued.


Connect Communities are made to reflect the communities they are in. We want it to be easy for people feel at home and to build close relationships in our neighbourhoods and local communities.

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