Grace Church is a group of ordinary people who have discovered an extraordinary God. By putting our faith in Jesus Christ we are invited into a living, fullfilling, beautiful relationship with God.

The Bible tells the story of the God who made us, knows us and loves us completely and how so often we all make a a mess of our world and our lives. This meant that our relationship with God was broken. But God loves us and he loves YOU enough to not give up on us!

Jesus Christ was the Son of God and he came as God’s great rescue plan. Jesus lived a perfect life: he loved people, fed the hungry and healed the sick. Jesus’ message was that there is hope for all and then he provided a way for our relationship with God to be restores by laying down his life for us. But this was not the end! Jesus rose from the dead, he defeated death and now offers us the free gift of new life and forgiveness. The way is now open for each one of us to be friends with God!

All are welcome to come and know God through Jesus Christ, this means knowing fullness of life, this means answers to all of life's tough questions and it means being loved more than we have ever known before.

Grace Church Wolverhampton is a member of the Evangeilical Alliance which provides a more detailed basis of faith to which we subscribe.


What we believe to be true about Jesus changes everything about us including how we live out our lives. We have a set of values based on how the bible says God has created us to live that make up the values and culture at Grace Church.

Grace - Giving away freely what Jesus Christ has given to us
Authentic - Coming as we are to be who we are in Jesus Christ
Caring - Looking to express the unconditional love of Jesus Christ to all
Giving - Generosity in all we do
Family - Valuing all ages, backgrounds and cultures as part of God’s great diverse family
Freedom - Expressing the liberty that is given to us in Jesus Christ