Our Vision

As a community of followers of Jesus Christ we are about these key things:

Knowing together

We are made to know God and be known by God. We can have a living relationship with God and be invited into the family of God through faith in Jesus Christ. This worldwide family of God is called the Church. Grace church Wolverhampton is a local expression of that church, we are a family together, a place to belong, know others and be known.

Growing together

As believers in Jesus we are meant to grow in our relationship with Him and in our relationships with each other. We do this through gathering together in lots of ways to worship God, learn from His word (the bible) and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We encourage each other to grow in our relationship with Jesus in every area of our lives.

Going together

We are also on a journey together. We go into the world around us to spread the good news of Jesus and the Kingdom of God to all people. As we go we want to share with the world, the love and grace of God through all that we do and say.